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Thoughts / ideas about aging
Designschool Vienna and Grüne Galerie 7 Vienna

At present, many societies are no longer shaped by births but by deaths. However, age is more than ever a taboo topic. In 2050 - projections predict - half the population in most European countries will be more than 51 years old. 100-year-olds have long ceased to be a myth.
The exhibition project ActivAge sheds light on old age and ageing from a wide variety of perspectives. It deals with young aging, self-confident aging, and the long, mentally alert, physically fit aging. A number of artists from the fields of photography, video, installation and performance are invited to deal with the topic from a variety of perspectives.
The aim of the project is to create a kaleidoscope of works through a dialogue between the invited artists, which counteracts conventional ideas and breaks down clichés, but above all, makes people reflect and perhaps even makes them curious about getting older.

List of the participating artists*:
Marion Avanzini (AT), Raffael Frick (AT), Pez Hejduk (AT), Vinko Nino Jaeger (AT), Katharina Miko (AT), Nóra Dénes (HU), Andy Wallenta (AT), Christa Zauner (AT) Mit der musikalischen Beteiligung von why not finland, sowie Julia Fent, Nicole Zinke und Katharina Stahr.