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ActivAge | Retrospective

In the exhibition, the subject of ageing was taken up in various and differentiated ways. For Christa Zauner the decisive factor in designing her own group exhibition was the experience that her approach to the topic had already met with incomprehension and rejection from some organizers. As a result of these reactions, questions arose such as: Which images of ageing are desired?Which ones should be made invisible?
In ActivAge, for example, portraits of professions that cause premature aging in the sense of physical deterioration, as can be observed with competitive athletes, divers or astronauts, were presented. This portrayal had previously been perceived by some as too destructive and diametrically opposed to the more easily digestible idea of portraying ageing as exclusively positive and joyous. But there were also portraits of people, for example, who in old age still have the courage to make radical changes and become visible - against all conventions, which would have long since put them on the social siding due to their age.