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... und sie fuhr fort: (... and she went on:)
wienstation, as part of the month of photography Vienna

The lives of the people portrayed are the starting point for artistic interpretations and are linked to their own experiences and the subjective view of "the others". Therefore, it is always a matter of reflecting on one's own standpoints and prejudices, which falsify the real image of the counterpart and at the same time provide statements about the "post-narrative".
How do we see people from other cultural backgrounds, how do we perceive differences and similarities and integrate them into our mind-set? Do we always need fixed opinions and images? What is the effect of open questions and information that do not fit into our imaginations? How do we deal with ambivalent feelings and ambiguities? How do we move between the claim to be politically correct and unprejudiced and our personal antipathies?
Even the exhibition cannot provide generally valid answers to these questions. Rather, it attempts to point out these uncertainties and ambiguities and to confront visitors with these questions. In this way, the "telling" in the works shown becomes an interaction with the listeners and at the same time distortions like a "Silent Post" game are reflected in the artistic work.
As the title suggests, these "little stories" do not claim to be universally valid and truthful, but remain subjective and unfinished. They seem to have been interrupted at a certain moment in time in order to be continued later.
The end of the stories remains - as in real life - open. In this exhibition project, photography is used artistically in a wide variety of ways: from documentary photos to video stills, reproductions of paintings to old portrait photographs, all of them explore the broad spectrum of photography through further processing and combination with staged shots. In the process, the question of the "authenticity" of the photographic image in this intermediate area between documentation and artistic design becomes conscious and at the same time obsolete.

List of the participating artists*:
Michaela Göltl (AT), Silke Helmerdig (D), Aferdite Pashku (RS), Barbara Seyerlein (D), Christa Zauner (AT)